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If you need to find someone today, be it a relative you have lost touch with long ago or a debtor who has recently 'disappeared' leaving unpaid debts in their wake, then Trace Express can help you.

We have a team of experienced, highly skilled researchers and investigators who provide a specialist people finder service specifically aimed at finding people within the United Kingdom. We are a reputable business who treat all enquiries with complete confidentiality. If you are trying to locate somebody, be it an old friend, a distant relative, former workmates or an adoptive family member then you are looking at the right website.

Call us on 0800 567 7007 or click here to fill out our enquiry form and send us some details.

No Find - No Fee!

What do we need to know?

We like to be supplied with the subjects first name, last name, DOB, and whatever other information you may have; A previous address, a suspected location, a known contact or a phone number.

The more information you can provide then the more likely that we will be able to complete a successful search.

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